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Restoring your mind and body doesn’t require an expensive yoga retreat. Our Dramatic Release capsules eliminate toxins from your body, with the help of activated charcoal, and milk thistle. These mighty capsules also revitalize your energy with antioxidant-rich Jamaica flower.


Ingredient FLOW:


-Activated Charcoal may promote kidney function, bloat reduction, hangover prevention and reduction, lowers cholesterol levels, and aids in irregularity in bowel movements. 


-Jamaica Flower packed with antioxidants. May Boost Liver health, lower fat levels, fight bacteria, support weight loss, stave off craving, are all associated with the Jamaica Flower.  


-Milk Thistle aids in liver function and detox, prevents age related brain decline, blood circulation, natural detox, and boosts metabolic process. 


-Rose Hip aids in restoration of body and regulating sugar levels in body.



Excluding Sales Tax
    • 30 capsules per Container
    • 30 doses per Container following a 1 capsule per day dose
    • 1000mg capsules with 200-400mg of each Active Ingredient
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