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Reiki has the power to heal through energy.  Since we store traumas, stress, insecuritues, etc. in our bodies, energy clearance and balance can be a helpful tool to release these things that are clogging your life from moving into the conscioius present.  


In a Past Life Regression, we are going to the beyond to find the deeper authentic self.  The authentic self can be compromised of many lives we have had before the present and contain many prior traumas and expeirences we are attempting to move through and heal in this life.  The first 30-45 minutes we will review items that are repetitive in your life and traumas you are trying to work through, then to focus on moving through the Chakras to dig up the past and heal.  

 Session lasts from 2-2.5 hours. 




Excluding Sales Tax
  • Once a sesson is purchased, a follow up e-mail will be sent for scheduling purposes.  Keep in mind a general questionaire and waiver of consent will be sent to you in this email.  

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