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Want to conquer your skincare game? Look no further than Glow Girl. This plant-based salve is a master blend of derma boosting ingredients. It features concentrated rosehip oil and rose powder to fight redness, blotches, and blemishes. Also, Glow Girl’s cocoa butter and almond oil base will keep your skin hydrated for hours and with the added Mica powder for an all natural mineral shimmer! 


These consciously chosen ingredients will provide a channel for the plant-based active ingredients to work at its highest benefit potetial, in unison, the ingredients will also provide below.


Ingredient FLOW:


-Cocoa Butter to provide super mositure, that has been providing moisture for hundreds of years 


-Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and bacteria fighter.  That also provides a natural aromatherapy to clear the mind and boost respiratory immunity.  


-Rose Hip Oil helps bost collagen, restore skin cells, exfoliates, aids with inflammation and hyperpigmentation all to restore that youthful glow. 


-Rose Powder aid in maintaining PH balance in the skin as well as helps combat ezcema, dermatitis, acne and other skin irritations.  


-Almond Oil reduces discoloration in the skin, protects from sundamage and mositurizes.  


-Mica powder for added natural minerals


Excluding Sales Tax
    • Apply to face after washing, best overnight, or used during the day after SPF or moistureizer is applied
    • 4oz
    • A little goes along way, applications may vary but at minimum 50 applications. 
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