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Hit the gym too hard? Alleviate your aches and pains with Achilles Antidote. This Plant-based salve targets inflammation with lightning speed. Featuring cocoa butter, almond oil, and matcha, Achilles Antidote is a naturally sourced pain and tension reliever. It works for all sorts of tension and pain. Remember: just a little of this stuff goes a long way! 


Ingredient FLOW:


These consciously chosen ingredients will provide a channel for the plant-based active ingredients to work at its highest benefit potetial, in unison, the ingredients will; also provide the below.


-Cocoa Butter to provide super mositure, that has been providing moisture for hundreds of years


-Matcha aids in fast activation for all ingredients.  With active ingredient EGCg(Epigallocatechin gallate) it has majot anti-inflamatory properties and powerful dermal chanel.  Along with, protecting skin from sun damage, pollutants, hormonal acne, etc.  


-Almond Oil reduces discoloration in the skin, protects from sundamage and mositurizes. 

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